Story of a Bank Entity that Managed to Recover Backup Files

  • Enterprise Set Up: Reputed bank entity with 30 computer systems
  • Backup Process Followed: NTBackup was used to backup all the crucial bank info resting on the systems. The backup was taken on frequent intervals
  • Disaster scenario: A harmful Trojan infected the network in the Bank with which most of the computer systems were connected. This affected most of the backed up data. BKF files got heavily corrupted
  • Losses Incurred: Manager feared about huge loss as a large amount of crucial data was stored in BKF files and hence, it was at stake of being lost permanently
  • Cost to Return to Work: Only a small amount of $180 for the Business License of BKF Repair software and the bank entity managed to recover backup files using this result-oriented BKF file recovery tool. The process to repair BKF and extract the data from it using this BKF file repair tool took only a small fraction of time.

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