Repair MS Backup - How it works?

"The process to Repair MS Backup using BKF Repair software tool is surprisingly simple and will satisfactorily content you with the results. Follow these simple steps given below:

Step:1 Go to Start > Programs > BKF Recovery.

Then open the software, you will see its start-up screen as shown in the screenshot below:

Step: 2 The “Scan BKF” button is present on the toolbar. Click on it. MS backup files will open and load as shown below:

Step:3 Now select the scan mode for repairing the selected backup file.

Step:4 The loading process will be started by the software.

Step 5: Click “Extract” button on the toolbar of the above screenshot page. This will extract the required backup files and folders from the corrupted BKF. As you click on this button, software will ask you the location to save the files:



Step 6: After this, click "Extract button" to save or extract the checked folders from corrupt BKF files.

Features of MS Backup Repair Tool

BKF Repair software can repair MS backup and restore backup files:

  • Easy Graphical User Interface (GUI): The Graphical User Interface (GUI) of MS backup repair tool is very interactive and user-friendly for accessing all option easily.
  • Instantly MS Backup File Recovery: It will take just a few minutes to complete corrupt MS backup file recovery process using software.
  • Recovery Unlimited Size of BKF File: The software has ability recovery of MS Backup file of unlimited size (more than 400 GB).
  • Cost-Effectively: You can get the Personal License of BKF Repair tool just for $89.
  • Windows Compatibility: All 32-bit/64-bit Windows versions (Windows 8.1,8,7,Vista, 2K, XP, 2003, 2000).